Our Story

Relo is a pioneering brand founded by Richard Knowles and David Duke, both health-enthusiasts based in north east England, which seeks to address the need for quick, convenient food for consumers who are time poor, offering them flavoursome, nutritionally-balanced meals.

Its focus is to offer a product nationwide with a mainly online focus that provides a diverse range of ready-to-eat meals providing high-protein and preservative-free foods, with real, healthy, fresh ingredients and little-to-no prep.

Stemming from their own personal observations as health- conscious fitness fans, and from their own challenges accessing convenient but nutritiously-enriching food, Richard and David originally embarked on a journey to establish a new offer in a congested marketplace, joining forces with Performance Meals. Their combined vision and desires to change the convenient health food market brought them together, developing shared values and also a friendship that unites them as a single force and drives their combined efforts to raise awareness of Relo.

Their original idea (which developed into Performance Meals) initially envisioned the provision of protein-rich, real food tailored to the needs of gym enthusiasts and those more specifically focused on body building. However, they soon recognised the potential for a broader offer — one that aimed to cater to a wider audience, regardless of fitness level, age, or gender. Relo was born, with a mission to revolutionise perceptions about convenient food and promote healthier eating habits for all.

Relo hasn’t been developed out of sheer coincidence and a gap in the market, but it comes about as a result of a mutual interest in nutritional health and well-being by the two founders who share a close friendship, similar values, and work ethic. However, despite working closely together each founder has unique individual histories in fitness, sports, and food that interconnect to bring a wealth of valuable expertise to the brand.

Who are the founders of Relo?

David Duke

About David

Career background: David was a professional sportsman for 12 years, with a particular interest in football, performing as a professional footballer for several years.

He then spent over a decade in digital marketing, specialising in e-commerce before becoming involved with functional fitness and nutrition alongside Richard.

Favourite Relo meal: Asian-style beef & all-day breakfast are two of his favourites, although there is a new product in the works that is a strong contender to take the top spot.

Personal values within the company: “I believe that we’re the perfect customer for the company, we didn’t just see a gap in a market and try to fill it. We were in that gap as people with fitness backgrounds and busy lifestyles. We realise the beauty of our products and why they’re perfect for us and we want others in the community to realise this too”.

Richard Knowles

About Richard

Career background: Career background: Richard has over 25 years of experience within the food industry, including 13 years of running his family-owned bakery chain before taking an entrepreneurial shift to launch and build two innovative fitness businesses in the north east. Today he runs a fast-growing Crossfit business in Durham. 

Richard was also an avid rugby player for 35 years, so has always been involved with sports, health and fitness. Personal values within the company: “I’m excited to see where Relo takes us as a company, and see how it can help people achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. We are the ideal customer when it comes to our products, and this will

reflect in everything we do. We believe in our product, and we know it works.”

What is Relo’s aim?

Our aim with Relo is to make healthier eating more accessible to various individuals across the UK. We often see workers who are training early in the morning or late at night due to work or lifestyle commitments, resulting in them sacrificing healthy eating habits. Richard noticed that many individuals were not eating enough, or not eating enough of the right things to achieve their training goals, and wanted Relo to be able to take away the worry of figuring out what to eat or having to meal prep which can be time-consuming and difficult. 

Our meals are developed with the expert guidance of our in-house nutritionist and PT expert, Victoria, with a master's degree in Sports Nutrition. With her knowledge, we are able to make the prospect of eating nutritious food and meeting your daily intake goals much more attainable. David says “We’ve noticed all kinds of people using our products to hit their nutritional goals and see the benefits of convenient healthy meals. This first-hand experience of how people are using and benefitting from our products is a driving force when it comes to the direction Relo will take as well as how we’ll achieve our mission”.

Founder FAQ

What does Relo mean?

Relo is designed to be creative and dynamic both in product and concept, our products aren’t restrictive and they can be used however you feel they work best. It’s the same with our name, whether you’re looking for real food, recovery food, or an energy reload, Relo aligns with these goals.

What are you most proud of when it comes to Relo?

We’ve developed a brand that we believe in and one that we know works. We’re proud to actively be improving people’s knowledge about nutrition as a result of being around our products.

What are your goals for Relo?

We want to become the go-to option for those looking for healthy and convenient meals, as well as fill the educational gap between training and nutrition. We’re also working hard to diversify our product ranges, making sure that alternate dietary requirements are catered for and improving our inclusivity. We can’t reveal too much at this stage, but you can expect to see more of your favourite dishes in our product ranges. This includes tasty meals such as high protein pasta, as well as other supplements and healthy low sugar snacks for those who have a sweet tooth.

Try Relo your way

We’re confident in our brand and our products, and we want you to be as well. Whether you’re looking for some quick and easy meals for the days you don’t feel like cooking, or if you’ve got a set gym routine that leaves little time for meal prep, Relo has you covered. There’s a whole range of dishes to explore with even more on the horizon, each of which is nutritionally balanced to help you live a healthier lifestyle with less of the hassle. Why not try the founder’s favourites to get started? Browse through our best sellers below to find your go-to staples.