Why Relo?

Driven by frustration with the abundance of over-processed, nutritionally poor, ready meals saturating the market, Richard Knowles and David Duke embarked on a journey to establish a new offer.

Their ambition was bold - to revolutionise accessible, healthy eating for a wide audience of people keen to enhance health and well-being. Thus, Relo was born - designed to ignite passion for wholesome living.

We’re proud to offer a range of nutritionally balanced meals that you can grab and go. No matter whether you’re short on time and want a healthy meal or you want functional food to help build muscle, Relo is for everyone. Simply heat, eat, and enjoy.

Who we are

The Relo team live and breathe healthy living having worked in the sports and fitness environment for many years, but they both realised that product isn't just for sports people or gym goers.

It offers more. It's a lifestyle choice. Relo meals empower you to consume real nutritious food while taking charge of your time and healthy eating habits.

Catering to diverse diets, ages, lifestyles, and fitness objectives, we aspire to transform perceptions about convenience food and ready-to-eat meals.

What makes us different?

Relo sets itself apart by prioritising real food, flavour, and nutrition in a quick convenient offering.

Unlike many ready meals on the market, which are often laden with preservatives and additives, Relo’s meals are packaged using a special vacuum sealing process that preserves freshness without compromising on quality.

Each meal is meticulously crafted by chefs and qualified nutritionists to ensure a perfect balance of nutrients, making it easy for consumers to maintain a healthy diet without sacrificing taste or convenience. Moreover,

Relo’s commitment to transparency extends to its detailed nutritional breakdowns, which empower consumers to make informed choices about their dietary intake.

Health & Nutrition

True nutrition is something that is often overlooked when it comes to ready-to-eat meals, with misleading labelling often presented on the packaging. This often leaves consumers dissatisfied with the meals and ‘healthy’ meal replacement shakes available to them.

All of our meals offer complete transparency when it comes to nutrition and have been designed by a team of expert chefs and food technologists to ensure a complete balance for healthier eating with even more convenience than a traditional ready meal.


Not only did we feel that the market was saturated with ready meals of poor nutritional value, we felt that the only other option was expensively priced meal prep. Neither of these options catered for both convenience and performance, it was always one or the other. We don’t think that you should have to sacrifice either, that’s why we chose to make our meals suitable for those looking to embrace fitness as well as individuals who simply want to eat healthily.

Relo meals can help you bring your performance to the next level, whether you’re an avid gym enthusiast or just enjoy the occasional walk. Our special vacuum sealing process means that our meals can go wherever you go, without the need for refrigeration, ideal for active lifestyles.


Many people don’t eat enough calories or protein to sustain a healthy diet, and many don’t even know where to start. Creating a nutritionally balanced meal plan can be time-consuming and daunting. That’s why our convenient meals are accessible to everyone, and we hope to re-educate people on the importance of protein and healthy eating to form better relationships with food.

Those who are looking for convenience need not resort to batch-cooking meals or unhealthy food deliveries as Relo meals are ready in just a few minutes and are nutritionally balanced to suit all lifestyles or ages and can be adapted to meet your individual goals.

Nutritious meals to support your journey. Get started

Our rebrand

In 2023, we made the decision to rebrand from Performance Meals to Relo in order to offer a more universal and accessible healthy eating solution for everyone, beyond just athletes. While high-protein meals are often associated with bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, protein serves numerous vital purposes when integrated into daily meal plans, including providing energy, supporting muscle and bone repair, satisfying hunger, and enhancing metabolism. We believed that the name Performance Meals did not fully convey the inclusivity of our offerings or align with our mission to make convenient healthy eating available to all, regardless of lifestyle or age. Relo embodies a more simplified and laid-back approach, catering to everyday individuals in everyday scenarios, not solely those with stringent fitness objectives. This evolution also signifies numerous exciting developments to come under the Relo brand as we move forward.

What sets Relo apart?

In brief, we deliver both excellence and ease directly to you. If you lack the time and energy to prepare wholesome meals daily, Relo is the solution. With an array of enticing flavours, our food not only serves a practical function but also delights your palate. Experience genuine convenience real food and take charge of your healthy eating with Relo.